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BITS SIG & PDF Reports Available on ThirdPartyTrust

Posted by Anders Norremo on 6/2/17 9:45 AM
Anders Norremo
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Here is a rundown of the latest features ThirdPartyTrust has added to the platform given customer feedback and market trends. 
The list includes: 
BITS SIG full questionnaire online with quantifiable risk scoring
Custom labels making sorting and managing vendors easier
Vendor PDF reports for the board meetings and auditors
  1. BITS SIG Full
    1. This questionnaire has a total of 1,600 questions. The difference here is that the questionnaire only displays the questions that matter. For example "Do you provide cloud services?". If the answer is no, then no further questions. If yes, then show an additional 100 questions that are relevant and related. Feel free to test it out.
  1. Labels
    1. You can now create custom labels on each connection. Go to the connections page, click on the logo of a vendor. Once the page opens you will see a field called "Labels". Type in a label name that you wish to create and select a color.
    2. These labels will be used to sort and filter both the connections page and the dashboard (coming soon!).
  2. PDF report of vendors
    1. On each connection you will now see a "Generate PDF" button on the top right of each connection. This will allow you to download all the vendor data into a PDF. Try it out!
  3. Performance improvements
    1. The main questionnaires page now loads instantly
    2. Opening up a questionnaire is 60% faster
    3. Opening up a vendor on the connection page is 50% faster
  4. Company Data
    1. We have integrated a data source to pull back vendor company details such as:
      1. Employee count
      2. Annual Revue
      3. Address etc.
    2. We pull this data as soon as a connection request has been made.
  5. Simplified Vendor view
    1. We further simplified the vendor view to make it easier for them to navigate the application
Stay tuned for more updates as we are rapidly working on improving the platform and your experience.
Feedback is always welcome. Please  ping me with any questions, comments and/or suggestions.

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ThirdPartyTrust is a vendor risk management platform strengthening cyber risk intelligence and simplifying the management process for enterprises performing vendor risk assessments.
By analyzing both third and fourth party vendor cyber risk using a network-based solution, like 3PT, trust is built and mapped within your vendor eco-system.

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